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Beyond Expectations

I can't thank Gordon enough for accommodating us at short notice on a blustery, hail-filled Sunday afternoon.
The archery introduction and explanation of some of the history helped to set the scene for a fantastic session.
My husband and I bought our son (14) and his cousin (16) and we all loved it.
Getting to grips with the technique was taught beautifully, we were encouraged to trust ourselves and not overthink the shot. The target shooting was brilliant, and then we moved on to the 3D targets. Gordon kept everyone involved and supported- He's really friendly and clearly loves archery. Then we had a try at knife and axe throwing, which rounded off the afternoon brilliantly.
If you are looking to do something engaging and interactive with your family, in beautiful surroundings, this is it.
We all talked non stop on the way home about our best bits, and our best shots. Thanks so much Gordon- we'll definitely come back

Fantastic day out.

Gordon's way of setting the scene and evoking the historic context for archery was great. He really made me feel like an archer.

The range is fantastic, I loved shooting the life-sized animals and the zombies were awesome

Give it a go, you will have a great time.

by Guy Coxall on Blank Business Name
Archery at it's Best

Staff from Molytor needed time to unwind and a chance to develop our team building skills. Dartmoor Archery, being local seemed logical. The event exceeded our expectations and more. Gordon is an excellent teacher and by the end, we could all use a bow proficiently. The variety of targets and weapons (including knife and axe throwing) was great fun. I would encourage any company looking for something similar to take this amazing opportunity. Will definately be visiting again soon!

by Ian Mortimer on Blank Business Name

One of the few things that genuinely is 'fun for all the family'. My 76-year-old mother loved it, so did I, and so did my brother, his wife and four of our children (aged 13-18). Thoroughly recommended.

by Nick Mussell on Blank Business Name
Birthday at Dartmoor Archery

We took our sons and a group of friends and family to Darmoor Archery for a Birthday party .
Gordon provided an excellent experince for everyone who attended what ever the age or ability.
We had under tens, teenagers and a few adults. We had a lot of fun! As an outdoor educator myself I found Gordon's knowledge, passion and communication skills inspiring . This certainly isn't your average archery venue.
If you want someting different this His warm welcome and hospitality means we would certainly visit again.
I would highly recommend! So would my boys friends and family!!!!

by Oliver on Blank Business Name

"I would thoroughly recommend this, as it was a superb experience. "


One of the things I found most enjoyable was what Gordon refers to as “The Sacred Hunt”, shooting at 3D animals located in the woods. This was such great fun, and I completely imagined what our ancestors would have felt like on a real hunt. Gordon and his enthusiasm and unique teaching approach completely bought archery alive for me

Great Fun!

"I chose archery as the physical aspect of my Duke of Edinburgh award, and went with my father to Dartmoor Archery for lessons. I’d previously done archery, however it took place in a community sports hall, whereas with Dartmoor Archery it took place entirely outdoors, with great covered facilities when needed. It was great to do it in nature. I felt this contributed to both developing my skill level and my overall enjoyment of the activity. The natural elements such as wind or rain provided a new challenge to face and in the end these contributed to raising my skill level. I really enjoyed the activity because the range of facilities was much greater than simply in a sports hall shooting at targets and the challenge was greater thus making the whole thing more enjoyable. "

by Michael on Blank Business Name
Huge Veriety

"Probably the most enjoyable aspect of Gordon’s teaching was the variety of targets he offered us to shoot at. We shot at normal round targets, pictures of wild animals and finally 3D wild animals. These were placed in the woods as if imitating a real hunt and it really brought archery fully to life! There was something very ancestral about being back in the ‘hunt’ and our connection with nature. I cannot recommend Dartmoor Archery more highly for an experience that provides the fun of mastering the sport of archery with the opportunity to connect with our true nature in Nature."

by Frankie & Olly on Blank Business Name
Master of the Bow!

"Gordon showed us how to find a balanced and relaxed physical attitude as a necessary pre-requisite for shooting at the target. A physical warm-up always preceded his coaching. He taught us the physical technique for drawing the arrow and how to co-ordinate it with the breath and helping us connect with our hearts. We used bows with no sight which made it for a very feeling-based experience. I like to think of it as intuitive archery. “This process is about helping us connect to our centre” is what Gordon would often say. It was strange at first to be asked not to be concerned about accuracy, however, in time it became very clear why he was asking us to focus on the body and technique – to feel the experience. Both Olly and I developed a confidence in our posture, technique and with the bow & arrow which meant we were consistently accurate which was very satisfying."

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